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For more information or to place an order please contact us at 1-928-710-5098 or contact us via email.

Reproductions on Stretcher Canvas

8X10 $150.00

16X16 or 16X20 for $500.00

30X30 or 30X40 for $995.00

Reproductions on Metallic Mounted on Masonite

8X10   $50.00

16X16 or 16X20  $150.00

30X30 or 30X40  $445.00

Reproductions on Luster Mounted on Masonite

8X10  $47.50

16X16 or 16X20  $100.00

30X30 or 30X40  $330.00



Discounts are available for Corporate Clients for multiple reproductions only.

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Wheels In Time CL014

Balloon Event B010

Balloon Event B011

Orangatun E0197

Creek in Bandera Texas by Dez

Sedona L0012M

Sedona L0015M

Bradshaw Mountains L003M

Bradshaw Mountains L0005M

Exotics W02

Exotics W03

Exotics W24

Exotics W25

Exotics W38

Exotics W41

Exotics W49

Exotics W50

Desert Wildflower in Bloom F0008

Sedona Red Rocks L0011

Sedona L0008

Church 0003M

Historic Tractor CL5


Sedona L0002

Midgely Bridge A0008

Oak Creek L0021

Oak Creek L0022

Sedona L0023

Sedona L0029

Sedona L0036

Oak Creek L0038

Oak Creek L0049

Oak Creek L0050

Oak Creek L0051

Sedona L0053

Sedona L0054

Sedona L0055

Sedona L0056

Sedona L0057

Sedona L0058

Sedona L0060







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